Megan Dougherty

Director of Education

Megan Dougherty has been working at Firepole Marketing since the day the doors opened (and a little beforehand!) in 2010 – and it’s been quite the experience. Getting to try her hand at everything from making videos to writing content to managing the blog, to creating new training programs there has always been something new to learn and explore.

Beginning as Danny’s Personal Assistant, Megan has grown up with Firepole Marketing, and is now the Director of Education, managing the student support team and designing our new training programs.

Education, especially online education is one of Megan’s greatest passions – giving people the information and tools to make the difference they want to see in the world, all the while learning new skills and techniques and ideas – it’s very rewarding work.

Some highlights from the past few years has been:

  • Getting to help create Engagement From Scratch!
  • Starting to work with students in the Write like Freddy program back in 2012
  • Being a part of the creation and launch for the Audience Business Masterclass
  • Running the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt
  • Being asked to speak on a panel on Book Marketing at FinCon14
  • Leading the best (in her humble opinion) Student Support team in the industry
  • Designing and creating new educational content all the time!
  • And of course – being with the team as it grows, and with Firepole as it works to change the world!

    When she’s not working for Firepole – Megan loves playing strategic, resource-based board games, knitting slippers, watching Doctor Who, reading war stories and books about plagues and generally enjoying the feelings and flavors of Montreal, Canada. You can drop her a line on at megan (at) firepolemarketing (dot) com!

Montreal, Canada