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The Sexier-Than-Money Rewards in Running a Small Business
The Sexier-Than-Money Rewards in Running a Small Business

rewards of businessI’m guessing  a lot of you are just like me.

You got a blog or a business set up and are running a small business. You feel totally hyped and inspired. You have tremendous dreams for your own life.

Of course, with all that said, this is probably what you really want most: Money.

With money, and lots of it, everything would be good. Running a small business wouldn’t be so challenging, and you can definitely enjoy a better lifestyle.

So money is all there is, and that’s all you want and should be working for right?


Is money all there is?

“But hey!” You’re thinking, “I’m running a business! Not a non-profit, volunteer-work, organization”.

And also, we ALL know there’s more to life than just money, but money is still important. It’s already set in this world and without it, we most likely can’t survive, much less lead a comfortable lifestyle.

We aren’t hippies. GET REAL!

Let me be real…

… and also a little blunt:

As a self-proclaimed  “name to watch out for in blogging” blogger, I’m here to tell you about the many other rewards of blogging, rewards so big they make money feel like nothing. They give you a deeper meaning in life.

The other sexy rewards:

Real, Human Inspiration

My own blog is only 7 months old. My biggest milestone came when a reader emailed me asking for real advice and said she loves reading my blog. Check out how she ended off the email:

Words cannot even begin to describe the amazing feeling I had when I read that.

To know that you’re actually inspiring others, and also feeling inspired yourself in a business is what I like to call a magical tangible, in which the rewards are measured by our own feelings and interaction as humans.

And trust me guys, this inspiration will stick to you for life and give you the drive and motivation you need.

Now, of course this is just a personal example. Whether you’re running a day care center for kids or selling insurance, I am sure if you work hard, the inspiration and gratitude will come.

If I can inspire and interact with others through the web with mere blog posts, you definitely can too with whatever mediums you choose.

Being Recognized for Your Hard Work

Oh, so you’re in business, huh? It’s too bad most people don’t share your vision. What more, they seem to be always ready to dish out discouragement and hate.

That’s kind of common.

Which makes it all the more awesome when you’re finally recognized for your work and talent.

I had another reader messaging me on Facebook that he loves my blog.

Check it out:

Yep, that feeling reading that was amazing too.

This is truly a great reward: To know that somebody out there appreciates your work and recognizes your talent.

This is for writing. Now what about some of the other things you can be doing?

Holding events? Nail it, and the peoples’ smiles say it all.

In the sales line? Hit that hotspot and sell, and your buyers wouldn’t even know what they got themselves into (do this ethically of course).

In addition to making money, this is the other visceral, or might I say, true reward to whatever you do. Something which money cannot buy.

The “Art” of Running a Small Business

Now, after getting some rewards, on top of money, that means you discovered what works for yourself and your business.

This to me is an art that comes in two ways: Creating your own style and growing.

Since you’re your own boss, the freedom of doing things your way is a luxury most others will never have. You don’t have to answer to anybody. Complete freedom starts off with your own courage to try out things on your own, which branches out into creativity and eventually your success.

And do you know how awesome that feeling is, knowing that you did it all on your own? Now, imagine that, with the money flowing in. Double wow!

Having any amount of small business success is also a fantastic way to grow in character. It opens up your eyes to being real and how things work in the world.

All the textbooks or guides you read online may not apply to you at all. That’s how it is for business. It’s not easy. It may be a hard lesson, but it’s a real lesson in life not many are entitled to. This’d definitely bring you far, and the end point comes with a lot of money too.

You’d most certainly find out about many things about yourself too.

It’s like having a relationship with someone. You thought you’d do this or that, or handle something in a certain way, but you end up doing something really different.

E.g. Thought that you’d be that cool boss who takes care of his employees? You may very well end up being hated for being a hard ass, although you were just trying to help them grow too.

Work it Backwards

You know how many successful entrepreneurs recommend that you simply stick to your vision or aim to help others, and everything else will fall into place?

It’s true.

Let me extend that by saying: You can work it backwards in your business.

Typically people aim to achieve the goal of making tons of money from the starting line, where basically there’s a lot of brainstorming, planning and experimenting involved. Then you hope results would come.

Now, has it ever occurred to you that results can come in many unexpected forms at unexpected times?

So long as you stick to your dream and vision, life will set a course for you that will lead to success.  if you push on and don’t give up, you’ll get there.

And with results, you’d know for real what works for yourself and your business, and I don’t see how you can go wrong with that.

Don’t chase money. It’s just paper. Money would come to you when it knows it has a better place with you.

Perhaps you’ve not achieved your aim of making it rich, but if you’ve fulfilled other goals like me, this’d easily give you the motivation and inspiration to work harder and grow your business.

Eventually, you get to do whatever the hell you want.

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