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Too Shy for Face-to-Face? Learn to Optimize Your In-Person Marketing!
Too Shy for Face-to-Face? Learn to Optimize Your In-Person Marketing!

You know how to rock Twitter. Facebook’s a breeze for you. You’ve even had success on LinkedIn getting new clients and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. But when it comes to talking to people face-to-face or voice-to-voice, you freeze.

Lose Money By Leaving Out the Locals

When you “talk” to potential clients and customers online, you can hide behind your awesome professional avatar. And you don’t have to respond in real time. So you’ve become accustomed to the ever-important virtual networking instead of focusing on the human factor.

But when potential clients are local (and not necessarily online), you’re losing revenue when you fail to get out and connect with them.

Small businesses are not always on the web because they don’t feel like they need to be or that they can afford it or even that they don’t have time to manage an online presence. So if you run a B2B business, you’re missing out on local cash flow you should be focusing on.

Leaving that local market untapped is costing you revenue…

You’re Not the Only One

We’re all guilty of it. We love spending time in social media and calling “networking” – and it is. Really. But, how much revenue are you generating each minute you’re tweeting or posting? Yes, you’re building those all important relationships, but those relationships aren’t paying the bills – yet.

And we all know the adage about building tribes so we take it to heart, but there’s no law that says the relationship MUST come first. You need to hone your in-person skills and get out there and market to the locals that need your services so you can pay your bills AND nurture those relationships.

You’ve got to get out from behind your screen so you can stop losing money by ignoring the locals. Humans don’t bite – often.

Carry Your Online Strength Outside

Because of our online comfort, we’re more confident. More relaxed. The people we contact can tell. They know right away we know what we’re talking about.

And when we’re approached, we don’t sweat over being judged. We process questions and answers in our own time and not under pressure to think fast. So our responses are filled with knowledge and confidence.

But you’ve got to carry that over IRL.

What makes you nervous about in-person interactions? Is it that you aren’t sure how people will react to you? Or whether or not you’ll be accepted? Maybe you’re afraid of being rejected. (And that WILL happen – many, many times!) But it’s ok. Every “no” brings you closer to “yes.” So forget worrying about whether a potential will say no. If they do, congratulations! You’re one step closer to winning a client!

And put the fear of being judged behind you.

You know how to make their lives easier; how to help them make more money; or how to bring healing. You have zero to be scared about. It’s only your inner critic that makes real life difficult. Not the clients.

When you stay focused on your laptop, you lose revenue. You ignore potential clients. And you allow your inner critic to win. I know because I did, too. I stood in your shoes. I was afraid of being judged or they’d turn me down. So I stayed put, typing away day-after-day, but then I forced myself .

I Did It

I’m an introvert. I prefer the confines of my own head to the chorus of humanity. But when it came time to walk into a local restaurant and sell. That’s what I did. My husband, who’s awesome at talking to people and literally born to be in hospitality, was with me, so I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to say one correct word with him close by.

But I did. And I was amazed at what came out. (Um, he was too, as a matter of fact.)

I put my fear in my pocket. Remembered all that I had been learning about this wild freelancing gig and email marketing and so on. And I put it to use.

There was no stumbling.

There was no fear.

There was no inner critic.

I said what I say every day online – only I said it IRL.

If you want to make the most of your in-person marketing and stop losing revenue, you’ve got to get rid of your inner critic, too.

So kill it.

Kill Your Inner Critic

Kill your inner critic by interacting with that potential client the same way you would if you were talking to them online.

  1. Look them in the eye.
  2. Speak clearly.
  3. Speak with the online confidence you use everyday to network on social media.
  4. Practice answering the questions most potentials ask you online: How much do you charge? What result is your service or product going to bring me? What if it doesn’t work? Do you have references? Can I see your work?

Write up a powerful opening script and practice it. When you open a conversation with a potential, you want it to be as casual as possible. But you want to open with affirming questions like:

Your lunch crowd looks great. Your marketing team is doing a fab job, aren’t they?
You have great food and great service here. But I bet you’d like to see a bigger crowd at this time of day, wouldn’t you?
I see your doing well, but you’d like to be making even more money, wouldn’t you?

Modify this script for your situation and knock the socks off your potential clients:

Hi [name]! I’m [name], a local [niche] here in [city]. I see you’re very busy, so I’ll be quick. Your business looks like it’s doing well in this slow market. And that’s great! But would you like it to do even better? Would you like to increase your monthly profits and make your business even easier to run?

Here’s what’s holding you back: (List the things that, if improved, would impact their bottom line). Here’s how I can fix it for you: (List what you do.) And I can do it affordably for you. (When they respond with “How affordably?” Carol Tice recommends responding with “What’s your budget?” instead of quoting a number.)

I know you’re a little skeptical, but I’ve gotten proven results. And I want to do the same for you.

Then, proceed with the conversation as normal. Always, be prepared with a portfolio packet that you can leave with them that includes a services sheet, some of your previous work and some proof about why your product or service works with your card tucked in the front of the folder.

The beauty of this script is that it works voice-to-voice, as well as face-to-face. So when you find yourself dreading cold-calling, pull out your handy script and dial away with confidence!

Your inner critic is costing you revenue. Kill it and optimize your in-person marketing with these easy steps and this effective script today!

If you’re aces at in-person marketing, what are your favorite tips?