Connecting People with David Gonzalez | Business Reimagined

Monetizing your network doesn’t have to feel dirty, not when what you’re really doing is connecting people. If you do it the right way, your circle of connections will be HAPPY to pay you to introduce them to others. That’s right – people will fork over cash when the connections you make for them yield positive results. Today’s guest is David Gonzalez, founder of Internet Marketing Party, and he talks […]

John Corcoran on Networking with Intention | Business Reimagined

Networking can make or break you in business. So how to you go about networking and do it in a way that honors your relationships while bolstering your bottom line? John Corcoran understands the value of networking. Along the winding path of his adult life, he’s been in tight situations where he lost one job but was able to step right into another because of who he knows. Today John […]

Behavior Change in Business with Dr. Nicolas Lucas | Business Reimagined

Do you ever get in front of people and your confidence suddenly goes out the door? Even if you’re perfectly prepared to give a stunning speech or network like a pro? According to today’s guest, Dr. Nic Lucas, you’re being haunted by neurotags, and he’s here to talk about how you can bring about real behavior change. How difficult is it to change your behavior? Dr. Lucas says it’s not […]

Lisa Bloom Reimagines Success through Story | Business Reimagined

Having an authentic marketing story is a necessity to connect with your audience, but what is at the heart of that story? How does your business story mesh with your personal story? More importantly, how can the stories you tell sabotage your success? Today’s guest is Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach, who helps entrepreneurs just like you with their message. She’s got some amazing insights on how you can find […]

Danny Iny Reimagines Firepole as Mirasee | Business Reimagined

As you have noticed, the look and feel of our website, along with our name, has changed. This was once Firepole Marketing, made up of a group of people who believed that business can be better, it’s about more than just the money, and that entrepreneurs like yourself can make an impact while making an honest living. The name may have changed, but the people who make up the company […]

Michael Port Reimagines Performance and Influence | Business Reimagined

Michael Port is a person of influence, and well known for his roles in movies and television, like Sex and the City, but did you know he also has a background in the business side of the fitness business. Or that he can help you dispel your fear of public speaking?!? Today, Danny talks with Michael about how all of life is a performance you can prepare for, from first […]